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Structure prediction of novel isoforms from uveal melanoma by AlphaFold


We present a dataset of 315 predicted structures of abnormal isoforms in 18 uveal melanoma patients based on second- and third-generation transcriptome-sequencing data. This information comprises a high-quality set of structural data on recurrent aberrant isoforms that can be used in multiple types of studies, from those aimed at revealing potential therapeutic targets to those aimed at recognizing of cancer neoantigens at the atomic level.

To better understand the structural diferences of abnormal isoforms and the potential efects, we compared the structural diferences between 295 abnormal-gene-encoded isoforms and their normal gene-encoded protein counterparts. We also identifed 13 potential AS-derived neoantigens in 10 abnormal isoforms with altered amino acid sequences. Tese data constitute particularly valuable information on aberrant isoform structures that intersects with that on abnormal isoforms in other datasets, which can be used for an investigation into the roles of these isoforms in multiple cancer types. 

The dataset was published on Zhang, Z., Li, C., Li, Q. et al. Structure prediction of novel isoforms from uveal melanoma by AlphaFold. Sci Data 10, 513 (2023).


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